NEW VISUAL: Ellie Rose returns with video for “Welcome To The Kingdom”

WTTK.GIFEllie Rose pads into the London landscape having already lived a few lives for her 21 years. Mixing a preternatural hustler’s wisdom with youthful effervescence, Ellie displays a serious talent for songwriting and video making. Playing acoustically nationwide for the whole of last year to earn her live stripes, she ended up at Glastonbury’s Introducing Stage – a mark of her growing reputation as a serious young talent.

Performance has always been in Ellie’s blood; in the 80s her parents directed music videos, and Ellie now does all of her own. She cites ‘Saved By The Bell’, Gwen Stefani and Kate Bush as major muses and she spent three years searching for a pair of yellow boots worn by Adam Ant – dare we say she’s a vintage soul?

WTTK2.GIFHowever, her new release ‘Welcome To The Kingdom’ is a sultry, shadowy track that highlights Ellie’s haughty swagger as well as her innate pop-leaning sensibilities. A real charisma singles her out from the backdrop of new females currently in the city.

Speaking on the track, Ellie states:
“The concept is that the Kingdom offers you whatever you want – but don’t take that freedom too far.”
With a new London show alongside her band confirmed at The Old Blue Last on 26 January 2017, Ellie is already feeling like a very special talent indeed.

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