DA_Press Shot.jpgThe new release from Bristol cult band Goan Dogs continues to affirm their reputation as one of the most intelligent, emotionally-manipulative bands around. ‘Drifting Apart’ arrives as yet another reason to get extremely excited about a home-grown five-piece that effortlessly combine inherent musical ability and a real penchant for subtly jabbing lyricism.
“It’s happened to everyone. The passion, if there was any, just fades. But not in a warm, cosy, knitted-jumper kind of way when you’re left with a partner who is your best friend. Most of the time, the passion dissolves, but it doesn’t sweeten the brew. It’s just gone. So I’ll say it evaporates instead, and wish I’d chosen a better metaphor.”

artworks-000195822030-izn760-t500x500We’ll say that drifting is a pretty passive thing. This is definitely not a song about an all-consuming love affair ending in melodrama. We’ve all experienced that too, to some degree, but those are the exceptions in life. Between the band, Goan Dogs have probably had a fair few tear jerkers in their record collections, but they wanted to inject some despondency into the proceedings; this time around at least.

5th Nov – Brickworks, Cardiff
6th Nov – Sofar, London
31st Nov – Purple Turtle, Reading
1st Dec – Mirth, Marvel & Maud, London
11th Dec – Bullingdon, Oxford
5th April – Lexington, London
7th April – Exchange, Bristol

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