Nato Feelz, or otherwise Nathan, is a dubstep genre DJ and Producer from LA. You can catch him playing the Still Dream Festival in California this Summer, and his music on his SoundCloud. Nathan has a creative mind with an equally bright mind set, and music to go along. Chant Magazine recently got to ask him a few questions.
Check Out the Interview Below…
CHANT: Welcome Nato Feelz to Chant Magazine! So, first describe to those who may have not heard you yet, what exactly is the music you make/genre you produce?
NATO: Hey thanks!  Well I make a lot of different kinds of music.  I suppose you could say I focus mainly on electronic music covering a variety of sub genres such as dubstep, trap, hybrid, glitch hop, hip hop, drum & bass, & house that all fall under the name “bass music”.  I currently compose music for film trailers as well.
CHANT: That’s awesome! What has been the hardest part of producing, and what has been the most fun?
NATO: It’s hard to say what the hardest part is as that could be different for everyone.  I will say that it takes a lot of time and dedication in order to be successful regarding the craft as well as pursuing a career with it.  There is an infinite amount of things to learn and discover regarding music production, the never ending evolution of production technology/equipment, experimentation, music theory, as well as growing as a person over time as you stick with it.  It’s really a never ending journey and that’s what’s so awesome, humbling, & incredible about being on this path.
CHANTHow long have you been in the music industry and how long did it take you to really make a name for yourself as well?
NATO: Well I started playing guitar over 10 years ago and was in a couple metal bands in high school.  I graduated a year early and spent a year going to school for music production/recording until I eventually stopped to focus all of my time on production and getting gigs DJ’ing at underground raves/clubs in Portland.  It was about 6 years ago (fall 2010)  that I really started producing and finally had some of the programs I needed to get started so let’s call that the beginning.  Since then I’ve pretty much focused a majority of my time on production and I’m not exactly sure at what point I started “making a name for myself” as that’s sort of a relative question.  I started coming up in the local scene and meeting big artists that came through Portland and I’d open for some of them.  I started getting some of my tracks played by big dubstep guys in 2011/2012 like Excision, Bare, Helicopter Showdown, Sluggo, and more which lead to record releases on some heavy dubstep labels and building a strong amount of support locally in the Portland scene.  I also won Destroid’s “Raise Your Fist” Remix Contest through Beatport in 2013 that was cool on more of a personal goal level since I once quit my job in 2010/2011 to submit a remix in time for Excision’s “Subsonic” remix contest and didn’t make the cut for good reasons haha.  So those were some of the first little waves of momentum that started to generate a little bit of a name for myself I suppose.
CHANT: What advice would you give producers starting out, or even producers wanting to give up?
NATO: My advice goes for whatever you’re passionate about.  Do it because you love it.  It’s that simple.  You have to do what you’re passionate about so that however much of your life you devote to it is worth it no matter what.  That will lead you where you’re supposed to go in life.  If you’re looking to do it just to achieve some goal or certain amount of success you’ll never be happy.  For someone thinking about quitting, well that’s up to them.  It’s like suggesting someone to leave or stay in a relationship.  If they really really really want it and have goals and dreams they long to achieve I support that 100% and say never ever give up.  Anything is possible as long as you stick with it, the time factor is the question that no one has the answer to and everyone’s timing is different, but if you stick with it anything is possible.  If you quit well.. Nothing is possible.  It’s important to remember that your music journey (or journey regarding whatever passion you have) is really a life journey, it’s part of who you are and everything in your life is interconnected with that.  So remember, it’s really all about the journey and not the destination and everyones journey/path is different.
CHANT: What music artists and/or icons do you most look to for inspiration?
NATO: I get inspiration from so many musical aspects and genres to life situations and adventures, from my favorite life long artists too brand new musicians and producers, so it’s really hard to say with it always changing so I really don’t know.  I will say ever since I was a little kid I’ve been incredibly inspired by Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Tupac, Biggie, Timbaland, and many more before I had any idea what “producing” was and I was just a little kid listening to rap music that my older brother would bump or that I saw on MTV or heard on the radio.  All I knew then was I liked the beat and the sound, that was before my vocabulary was even advanced enough to have any idea what they were really saying in their songs.  I still listen to those same 90’s and early 2000’s records all the time and I feel like I’m tapping into those roots more and more as I evolve.  Getting inspiration from the past whether it be a sound, note, or even just feeling, then pushing it forward and evolving it into something completely new.  Although inspiration isn’t limited to the past or present and com come from anywhere at any time.  You’d have no idea that while in between working on some heavy hybrid trap tune I might have been bumping the “Moment Of Truth” album by Gang Starr or some random pop song that I heard the night before that had a cool chord progression.
CHANT: Best show/location you’ve played so far in your career?
NATO: Oh man, that’s a tough one as well.  I’ve played a lot of amazing/inspiring shows although what comes to mind first is when I played was with Zeds Dead in Big Rapids Michigan this last April at Ferris State University  The energy was incredible and the amount of awesome people I got to meet there and new friends I made was amazing.  Playing the show show was awesome although meeting so many people that far away from my home that were fans of my music was probably the most rewarding/inspiring than ever.

Thanks Chant Magazine!  Much love!

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